Leopard Skin (Season 1)

Directed By: Sebastian Gutierrez


In Leopard Skin a gang of criminals on the run finds refuge in the isolated mansion of Alba (Carla Gugino), where she lives in seclusion with her maid and lover Batista (Gaite Jansen). The estate turns into a den of secrets, betrayals, and desires. Carla Gugino and Gaite Jansen previously worked together in another very interesting series: Jett.
The series gets off to a great start. The first episode opens with Carla Gugino taking a dip in the pool completely naked. When she comes out of the water, the camera shoots her from behind and we can admire her perfect ass. Six minutes later, the director gives us a montage with Amelia Eve in various sexy outfits, followed by a sex scene. At the beginning of the second episode, Amelia Eve gets out of bed and shows us her ass. Eight minutes later, Nora Arnezeder is lying in bed naked and talking to a man. The third episode also begins in the best possible way, with a full-frontal nude of Gaite Jansen, sunbathing by the pool. This is followed by Carla Gugino naked and lying on the bed and another hot scene with Gaite Jansen.
Episode four features the same pool bathing scene from the beginning of the season, but this time the actress bathing nude is Gaite Jansen. The fifth episode is full of nude scenes, all featuring Gaite Jansen. There is also an intriguing lesbian scene with Gaite Jansen and Carla Gugino. At the beginning of episode six, there is another lesbian scene between Carla Gugino and Gaite Jansen, and another one after eight minutes. In the same episode, we also see Amelia Eve naked. In the seventh episode, there is only one sexy scene with Nora Arnezeder. The eighth episode opens with Amelia Eve naked. It’s the same scene seen in the first episode, but with different sequences.

Nude scenes