Les chatouilleuses

Directed By: Jesús Franco


Les chatouilleuses (AKA Le sexy goditrici) is a 1974 film directed by Jesús Franco under the pseudonym Clifford Brown. It’s a softcore film, but some versions circulate with hard inserts. In 1915 Central America, a group of prostitutes take refuge in a convent to escape capture by General Pancho López. The girls disguise themselves as nuns, but sexual habits are hardly hidden.
After the first introductory minutes, the nude scenes begin. The first to undress is Italian Laura Levi. The actress is dressed as a nun and lies in bed, then spreads her legs and shows her pussy to a man, who takes advantage of the offer and has sex with her. Seven minutes later we witness a lesbian scene with Pamela Stanford and Monica Swinn. From the lesbian couple we move on to the lesbian threesome: Lina Romay, Maria Mancini, and Monica Swinn. While the girls are having sex, Brigitte Monnin arrives and the threesome becomes a foursome. At the same time, Sandy Samuel and Laura Levi have sex with each other. One minute later, Lina Romay solaces herself with a man in the same bed as the threesome. Seven minutes later, Lina plays a very sexy version of Zorro. After Lina we return to Laura Levi, who is riding a man jiggling her big boobs.

Nude scenes