Les Délices du tossing

Directed By: Gérard Kikoïne


The plot of Les Délices du tossing is absurd and fun at the same time. A band of pony express girls have sex with clients, with passers-by, with their boss… In short, with anyone. Cathy Stewart, who is the ringleader, is fucked in the elevator by a surgeon. A sex performance so satisfying that she wants to contact him again, but since he had the surgeon’s mask she couldn’t recognize him. The method to find him is bizarre but effective. The gang of girls persuades a nurse to fuck all the surgeons before surgery. The girls enter during this gang bang and measure the dicks of all surgeons to find the one that belongs to the lift surgeon. A practical and fast method!
The band leader is Cathy Stewart, the other girls are Marilyn Jess, Marianne Aubert and Christine Black. The nurse is Charlotte Millet. And there’s an orgy in 20’s costumes (!) That also features Masha and Carole Pierac.
If all these beauties are not enough for you there is also a scene with Patricia Santos.

Nude scenes