Les savates du bon Dieu

Directed By: Jean-Claude Brisseau


An antisocial young mechanic goes in search of his estranged wife. He is accompanied by one of his childhood friends, who is in love with him. The two meet an African prince and start committing robberies.
After a couple of minutes we see Coralie Revel lying naked on a bed with red sheets. The actress turns her head toward the camera and looks at us. Parts of this sequence are inserted other times during the film. Coralie Revel naked on the bed rolls around in various positions showing us her body in all its glory. Two minutes later a guy kisses Coralie, then sits her on a bed and unbuttons her shirt to reveal her breasts. Later, Raphaële Godin and Snejana Djokic are sunbathing in bikinis on a lawn. The two girls remove their bras and show us their boobs, then remove their panties as well. Three minutes later Raphaële Godin is sleeping naked in bed. A guy opens the curtains to make light in the room and wakes her up. Toward the end of the film a naked actress is lying on her stomach on the bed with red blankets. When she turns toward us we discover that this time it is Raphaële Godin.

Nude scenes