L’esigenza di unirmi ogni volta con te

Directed By: Tonino Zangardi


A supermarket cashier falls in love with a policeman who foils a robbery, saving her life. The two begin dating, but she’s married. When she tells her husband about the betrayal, the story turns extremely complicated.
The first to undress is Valeria de Notaris, after the first ten minutes of the film. The actress shows us full-frontal nude as she walks through the protagonist’s erotic dreams. Ten minutes later it’s Claudia Gerini who has erotic dreams. The actress is lying on the bed and sticks her hand in her panties to masturbate. As her arousal increases, she lifts her shirt and uncovers her breasts. After another ten minutes, Claudia has sex with the leading actor. First, she’s on top of him, then he’s on top of her. This is one of our favorite movies with Claudia Gerini naked. The actress gives us some really hot sequences.
After about half an hour, the two protagonists are engaged in a long fuck, in various positions. This is unfortunately the last sex scene of the film, but before the end, we can admire Claudia Gerini naked once again, in a short sequence in bed.

Nude scenes