Life on Top (Season 1)

Directed By: Amanda Goodwin


Sophie (Mary LeGault) has been busy in her studies and now wants to climb the career ladder as an analyst. When she moves in with her sister Bella (Heather Vandeven), she discovers that Bella is an erotic model and has definitely climbed to the top. Life on Top is based on a novel by Clara Darling and is a kind of Sex & The City filled with hot scenes and nude actresses. In every episode, there is stripping and sex, to the delight of our eyes.
At the beginning of the first episode Mary LeGault has sex with a guy, then gets up, gives us a full-frontal nude and goes to take a shower. After the shower Mary returns to her room and finds Krista Ayne undressing. Two minutes later Heather Vandeven and Mia Presley are having sapphic sex on a private plane. Six minutes later we witness an erotic photo shoot. In a large courtyard are some naked actresses around a luxury car. Among them are Elena Turcu, Heather Vandeven and Justine Joli. Four minutes later a man masturbates Heather Vandeven on the luxury car. At the end of the episode Krista Ayne has sex in an office with a guy. At the fifth minute of the second episode Heather Vandeven is lying on the bed with her legs spread open while Angela Davies and a man dressed as a doctor give her a mock medical examination. The three then have sex. Four minutes later Krista Ayne makes out with a guy in a movie theater, then has sex with him on a couch. In the next scene Heather Vandeven and Mary LeGault are naked in the sauna, chatting with each other. Five minutes later Mia Presley has sex on a restaurant table. At the beginning of the third episode Mary LeGault has sex on an office desk with a guy while her colleagues watch them and make appreciative gestures. Eight minutes later Heather Vandeven and a man have sex on a bed and record themselves on camera. Three minutes later Krista Ayne has a long fuck with a man on a black leather couch. At the end of the episode Heather Vandeven has sex with two men. In the fourth episode we witness a beautiful lesbian scene starring Heather Vandeven and Mia Presley. Two minutes later Krista Ayne leans on a punching bag while a guy fucks her from behind. Six minutes later Mary LeGault has sex in a hotel room. Later, Heather Vandeven and Mia Presley have sex with a man in a restaurant kitchen. In episode five, Krista Ayne has sex in a boxing ring, Mary LeGault in a hotel room, and Heather Vandeven over a restaurant table, garnished with chocolate. The sixth episode begins with an erotic photo shoot. The models are Elena Turcu, Heather Vandeven, and Justine Joli. After the shoot, Heather has sex with a man. Five minutes later Brandin Rackley is engaged in a long sex scene. Immediately afterwards we see Krista Ayne naked in another sex scene. Later Karen Fiji and Mia Presley give us a beautiful lesbian scene. Krista Ayne, Justine Joli, and Heather Vandeven are the nude protagonists of the seventh episode, who engage in lengthy fucking with their partners. In the fifth minute of episode eight Mary LeGault masturbates in the shower. Four minutes later Krista Ayne does some sexual yoga with her partner. Four minutes later Angela Davies and Heather Vandeven have sex with a man while filming themselves with a video camera. A little later we enjoy a long fuck by Brandin Rackley on the couch. In episode nine Krista Ayne has sex in the kitchen, Mary LeGault in the bedroom, and then we see a nice group of naked actresses in the sauna. Seven minutes later Heather Vandeven fucks on a couch with a man. In the tenth episode Krista Ayne has sex with a man and spills some melted wax on his body. Three minutes later Heather Vandeven jumps into bed with a man and you can imagine what they do. After fucking a man, Heather has sex with Mia Presley. Five minutes later it is Mary LeGault‘s turn. Brandin Rackley has sex with a man at the beginning of episode 11, but a girl enters the room and interrupts them. Soon after, Heather Vandeven, Krista Ayne, Mary LeGault, and Mia Presley are all naked in the bathtub. Later, Mary LeGault has sex in bed with a guy. Angela Davies, Karen Fiji, and Mia Presley are the other nude actresses in the episode. Mary LeGault has sex at the beginning of episode 12. Six minutes later Krista Ayne is still having sex in the boxing ring. Heather Vandeven has sex in bed after another six minutes. The last episode opens on a sauna, where the main characters are naked. Soon after, Mia Presley has sex in a restaurant. Five minutes later it’s Mary LeGault‘s turn, who fucks a guy on the couch. Later we watch Krista Ayne naked in the shower. The last fuck of the season is done by Heather Vandeven.

Nude scenes