Lillian, the Perverted Virgin nude scenes

Lillian, the Perverted Virgin

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We at CinemaCult love all of naked actresses, the present and the past. Some of them, however, are at the top of our personal ranking. In example, we are always very happy to look at Lina Romay naked. She was a true icon of worldwide sex cinema. An eroticism that was able to bring even in the hardcore genre, when she played in pornographic films. A film halfway between the erotic and the hardcore is that of which we speak today, Lillian, the Perverted Virgin. Yet another film by the prolific filmmaker Jesús Franco, where the main protagonist is the beautiful Katja Bienert. Very good sequences with Katja Bienert naked and some amazing hardcore scenes with Lina Romay. But no sex scenes, only fellatio and cunnilingus in this film…