Directed By: Massimo Pirri


In L’immoralità (AKA Cock crows at eleven), Lisa Gastoni plays a nymphomaniac woman, but director Massimo Pirri doesn’t overdo the erotic sequences. The story is audacious both for that era (1978) and for our own, and not everyone could stomach it. In addition to the nymphomaniac there is a husband in a wheelchair and a child murderer.
In the 17th minute Lisa Gastoni does some gymnastics at home. She wears a black bodysuit and black pantyhose. Sixty-seven minutes later Lisa wears a very sexy black dress that leaves her thighs exposed. A little later she and a man are making out on the couch. He lifts up her skirt and we can see her pussy. Fourteen minutes later Lisa Gastoni is sitting on the bed in front of the mirror, taking off her clothes. Three minutes later we see Lisa Gastoni naked in bed.

Nude scenes