Directed By: Jerzy Kawalerowicz


Maddalena is a beautiful and provocative woman, unhappy with her marriage. Her husband does not grant her a divorce, and she goes into dangerous companies, gets drunk, and leads a dissolute life. She meets a priest during a party and sees redemption in him. The woman falls in love with him. She tries to seduce him and turns him on.
Lisa Gastoni is a formidable actress, who has combined her talent with an impressive ability to seduce the viewer. After Salvatore Samperi’s Grazie zia (AKA Thank you, aunt or Come Play with Me), the actress continued to offer us sensual characters for about ten years.
The film begins with a sensual dance. Lisa Gastoni licks her lips and caresses her breasts. After a couple of very intriguing sexy scenes, we can admire Lisa Gastoni naked, sunbathing on a boat, while her partner paddles. Lisa seduces him, successfully. Later, Lisa takes off her shirt in front of her mirror, showing her perfect small breasts. In the following scene, Lisa is lying on the beach, completely naked.
After a short sex scene, we return to the beach. Lisa Gastoni undresses in front of a priest, then walks toward the water. He does the same and joins her. While she swims, we can admire a full-frontal nude of Lisa. The last scene is one of the most erotic in Lisa Gastoni’s cinematography. She is naked on the beach, rolling around on the shore.

Nude scenes