The Sensuous Nurse

Directed By: Nello Rossati


A wine entrepreneur has a heart attack while having sex with the cemetery janitor’s wife. His relatives await his death to inherit his wealth, so they hire an attractive nurse who must seduce him into having another heart attack. The woman, however, becomes infatuated with him…
The nurse of the title is played by the beautiful Ursula Andress, but the role had previously been offered to Senta Berger.
It’s a film that we forcibly insert into the Italian-style sexy comedy. This is probably an improper inclusion, but it’s a film that started a trend of sexy nurses and doctors starring in the real Italian sexy comedy.
At ten minutes and 35 seconds, Carla Romanelli takes off her clothes in front of one of the main characters, half drunk because the two are in the wine cellar. The actress gives us a nice full-frontal nude, then smiles and runs all naked between the wooden barrels. Twelve minutes later we find Ursula Andress naked in bed, just after she has finished having sex with a man. Three minutes later there is another very interesting nude: that of Luciana Paluzzi. In her career, this actress has stripped far less than we would have liked.
Four minutes later, another full-frontal nude. Ursula Andress takes off her white bathrobe and remains completely naked, then dives into the pool, spied by a guy who imagines diving in with her. Twenty minutes later we find Carla Romanelli again. The actress is still running around naked, this time to the sound of a trumpet. Nineteen minutes later, nurse Ursula Andress does a striptease for her bedridden patient, then enters the bed with him. In the next scene, we find Ursula Andress naked in a hotel room in Venice.

Nude scenes