L'ispettore Coliandro (Season 5) nude scenes

L'ispettore Coliandro (Season 5)

Directed By: Antonio Manetti, Marco Manetti


After a few years of waiting by the many fans, finally in 2016 comes the fifth season for Inspector Coliandro. Coliandro is always the nice jerk that we were used to. He falls in love with a problematic woman, slips into a complicated police case without even realizing it and ends up always solving it without realizing it. Then his colleagues will be praised and thanked.
The actresses who get naked in this fifth season are two: Euridice Axen and Weronika Ksiazkiewicz, both beautiful. Euridice Axen plays the role of a super sexy and super crazy psychologist. She will try to seduce Inspector Coliandro by licking her lips, wearing black stockings and stunning mini-skirts. Weronika Ksiazkiewicz‘s seductive weapons are black lingerie and two small and perfect tits.

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