L'ispettore Coliandro (Season 6)

Directed By: Antonio Manetti, Marco Manetti


Inspector Coliandro arrives at the sixth season and this time among the many women he manages to conquer with his awkwardness there is even the police prosecutor, Dr. Longhi, played by one of the sexiest women in the Italian show: Veronica Logan.
The other more or less nude actresses of this sixth season are Antonia Truppo, Catrinel Marlon and Simone Ashley.
Our favorite sequences are those with Veronica Logan (credited as Veronika Logan): unbuttoned shirt with tits in plain sight or dressed only in a t-shirt. Catrinel Marlon and Simone Ashley give us other very intriguing sequences, including nudes in the bathtub and sexual performances. Antonia Truppo is the actress who strips less, but for her too there is a very interesting scene.

Nude scenes