L’ispettore Coliandro (Season 7)

Directed By: Antonio Manetti, Marco Manetti


Seventh and most likely last season for the clumsy and nice inspector Coliandro. In these last adventures of Coliandro we find Claudia Gerini in the role of a ruthless killer. Among her weapons, there is also the ability to kill a man in the bed by exhaustion. Then there is the beautiful and shapely Clizia Fornasier, who is massaged with tanning oil. Finally Eugenia Tempesta in the role of an uninhibited Japanese girl. The best scene is when she raises her shirt at the Japanese restaurant to show a tattoo to the inspector. And she flashes her tits too, of course. Small and perfect.
Coliandro greets us with several interesting sequences. We will miss you, inspector.

Nude scenes