Lo stallone

Directed By: Tiziano Longo


Daniela (Annarita Grapputo) has an excessively morbid relationship with her father, to the point that she’s jealous of her mother (Dagmar Lassander). To divide the couple, Daniela tries to introduce a handsome boy to her mother, who is constantly aroused by her husband, who has stopped satisfying her sexually.
In the film’s first minutes, Dagmar Lassander opens her robe in front of the camera and shows us a beautiful full-frontal nude. A few minutes later, another full-frontal nude: Annarita Grapputo has sex on the beach with a man, while her mother spies on them. After about twenty minutes, another full-frontal nude of Dagmar Lassander, who undresses in front of a guy, then has sex with him.
After a brief hot scene in the middle of the sea, we enjoy another full-frontal nude of Dagmar Lassander, who shows her body to her husband and then lies on the bed to have sex with him.
Full nudity and more sex scenes follow, in this film which is one of the hottest in Dagmar Lassander‘s filmography.

Nude scenes