S.A.S. à San Salvador

Directed By: Raoul Coutard


A thug kills the Catholic archbishop of San Salvador. The CIA sends an agent to get rid of the thug.
In the seventh minute Sybil Danning is making out with a man on the couch. Unfortunately, a phone call interrupts the pleasant moment. Fifteen minutes later, Monika Kälin is tanning lying on her belly by the pool. She is topless and wearing a bikini so skimpy it looks invisible. A man approaches her and she dives into the water to avoid showing herself naked in front of him, then gets out and he hands her a white bathrobe. We see the actress again a few minutes later wearing another very sexy bikini. A minute later we admire Catherine Jarret naked in the shower. A man joins her for sex under the water. Forty-two minutes later Dagmar Lassander delights us with the film’s only full-frontal nude.

Nude scenes