Loose Screws

Directed By: Rafal Zielinski


Loose Screws (also known as Screwballs II) traces the plot of its predecessor. Four horny boys try to have sex. Brad, Steve, Hue, and Marvin are four students at a summer school who play a spicy game: each girl they get is worth points. The boys decide to aim high and award 100 points to whoever can win over the beautiful French teacher (Cynthia Belliveau).
The nude scenes begin in the first few minutes of the film, with Laura Potter removing her shirt to exchange it for another boy’s. Four minutes later, a fake doctor examines the breasts of several female students. We recognize Annie McAuley, Beth Gondek, Liz Green, and Karen Wood.
Later, in the girls’ dorm, Annie McAuley massages herself with a dildo, until it is confiscated from her. Also in the dormitory is Beth Gondek, who seduces us in a see-through robe. In the bathroom next to the dormitory, C.J. Fidler (AKA C.J. Lusby) and Susan Irvine are soaking in the bathtub. A minute later in the bathtub is Beth Gondek, together with a boy dressed as a girl. From the bathtub, we move to the shower, where we find Cynthia Belliveau. Naked, of course.
Time for some outdoor sex: Beth Gondek on the beach, Stephanie Sulik on a lawn. In the next scene, Cynthia Belliveau gets a very satisfying massage. The intriguing Cynthia Belliveau stars in the following two scenes, both voyeuristic.
In the last half-hour of the film, things get even more interesting. We witness a wet T-shirt contest in which many girls participate: Annie McAuley, Kelly Hollingsworth, Kim Cayer, Lila Durette, Melissa Madden, and Michelle Burley. In the following scene, Cynthia Belliveau takes the stage and performs a striptease.

Nude scenes