Directed By: Michel Lemoine


Many of you know her for the soft erotic Giovani, belle, probabilmente ricche. In this movie she offers only a little to our eyes… but immediatly Olinka Hardiman (or Marilyn L’Amour, or Olivia Link, or Olinka Petrowa… and another dozen of art names) excites and stimulate her public. The first reason is her similarity to Marilyn Monroe, the second is her soft curves and her accentuated sensuality.
But who knows also the hard production, knows that Olinka was one of the most beloved and requested pornstars during the ’80s. We remember her often together with Gabriel Pontello (alias Supersex), in many movies and photostories. And of course we remember her in those nice hard movies of last century, in which there was a plot and not only sex scenes. A good example is Lorna, one of those movies our users are looking for. Olinka is really excellent.

Nude scenes