The Gestapo’s Last Orgy

Directed By: Cesare Canevari


L’ultima orgia del III Reich (AKA The Gestapo’s Last Orgy) is a naziploitation of the ones we like. It’s not overly violent, except for a couple of sequences, and it shows a lot of nude scenes. A prisoner of a Nazi camp becomes the lover of her tormentor, a perfidious hierarch. Years later, when the war is over, she wants to meet him again. Love or revenge?
Daniela Poggi (acting under the pseudonym Daniela Levy) is the main protagonist of the film and she offers us some breathtaking full-frontal nudes. Young and with a perfect body, the actress delights us with some unforgettable sequences, like the one in which Daniela gives a blowjob to a gun barrel. Together with Daniela Poggi in the film, there are also Antiniska Nemour, Caterina Barbero, and Maristella Greco.

Nude scenes