Lulù 77

Directed By: Paolo Moffa


The original title of this film is Lulù 77, but it is known as Lulù la sposa erotica. It’s the story of a man torn between his beautiful wife (Sonia Viviani) and a prostitute (Anne Libert). The events take place between Paris and Istanbul. Both actresses give us moments of intriguing eroticism.
In the sixth minute, Anne Libert arouses us without undressing. She simply lifts her skirt and shows us her black stockings. The scene is repeated three minutes later, but this time the actress takes off her clothes. Later, the actress is naked again, this time on a ferry. Anne shows us some kind of full-frontal nude, but she has something covering her pussy. After sex, her partner pours champagne on her body.
A few minutes later, Sonia Viviani has sex with a man while another man spies on them from a grate on the wall. The woman wears white lingerie and stockings. Later, Sonia Viviani undresses while dancing in front of her partner, showing us a sensual full-frontal nude. After 25 minutes of dressed actors, the beautiful Sonia gives us another hot scene.

Nude scenes