Maschi contro Femmine

Directed By: Fausto Brizzi


The eternal misunderstandings between men and women are analyzed in this Maschi contro Femmine, directed by Fausto Brizzi, who the following year also made the sequel, Femmine contro Maschi.
Regardless of the funny stories told, this film allows us to admire some very interesting nude actresses. Rare nudes, like those of Carla Signoris, Chiara Francini, and Paola Cortellesi.
Chiara Francini has two big and wonderful tits, which she proudly shows us running naked on the beach with Sarah Felberbaum. The two actresses also give us a short lesbian scene with a kiss. Maria Pia Aricó is another beautiful nudist on the beach.
Also noteworthy are sexy sequences with Giorgia Wurth, Isabelle Adriani, and Laura Barriales.

Nude scenes