My Wife Goes Back to School

Directed By: Giuliano Carnimeo


Recently remastered in high definition, Mia moglie torna a scuola (My Wife Goes Back to School) is a great classic of Italian sexy comedy. Valentina (Carmen Russo) is married to a wealthy grocer. She lives a normal life with no major problems, but she feels culturally inferior because she dropped out of school at such a young age. In order to make up for the lost time, she returns to the school desks.
We are captivated by Carmen Russo‘s body from the very beginning. When two pickpockets on motorcycles try to steal her purse, they instead rip off her dress, revealing her perfect ass. Within a minute, the woman is at home. As she argues with her husband, Carmen undresses, revealing one of the most beautiful bodies in Italian comedy. Another couple of minutes, and we admire the actress in a sensual see-through baby doll. Even at school, Carmen Russo is a sex bomb. The professor can’t take his eyes off her and stares insistently at the woman’s big boobs, which stick out of her unbuttoned shirt. It’s time for the inevitable shower scene. Carmen Russo gives us a breathtaking full-frontal nude. In the bathroom, she is accompanied by Cinzia de Ponti. A few minutes later, Cinzia de Ponti excites us again by removing her dress and putting on a transparent robe. The nude scenes are over, but Carmen Russo delights us with a couple more sexy sequences before the credits roll.

Nude scenes