Midnight Party

Directed By: Jesús Franco


Jesús Franco and Julio Pérez Tabernero pack a crime-movie with forays into comedy. The sultry Lina Romay plays Sylvia, an erotic dancer who performs in a club. Sylvia is engaged to a journalist while simultaneously having an affair with a musician. One day the girl attends a party whose theme is a fake spy adventure. Unfortunately, after the party she wakes up next two real dead bodies and ends up involved in the crime. Pursued by a sadistic man with a wooden leg, Sylvia is in a whirlpool of intrigue as well as sexual orgies. Lina breaks through the fourth wall and speaks directly to her audience to entertain them.
Right from the opening credits we can see Lina Romay naked, fidgeting on the bed as the names of the actors appear on the screen. Lina is totally naked except for a pair of black stockings. Six minutes later Lina enters a room wearing only a pair of panties. The actress brings a glass of water to a man waiting for her in bed. After seven minutes Lina Romay totally naked enters another room and lies on a man. The actress looks into the camera and talks to us viewers, then continues to make out with the man. When he leaves, Lina fixes her makeup in the mirror. Soon after, another man enters and they get into bed and make out. Five minutes later Evelyne Scott, Lina Romay and a man are featured in a long threesome scene. When the man sticks his face between Lina’s buttocks she turns to the camera and lets us know how much she likes it. Six minutes later Lina is lying on a bed. Monica Swinn and a man enter the room, undress Lina, and we watch another threesome. The sex is interrupted when Jesús Franco enters the room and starts talking to them. Five minutes later Lina Romay totally naked is admired lying on a bed, her pussy shaved. In the next scene Lina walks into a room and approaches a bed where a man is sleeping. She removes her clothes, gets into bed with him, stimulates him, and then they have sex. After the fucking, an invigorating shower cannot be missed. Six minutes later Lina has sex in bed with a man. Eleven minutes later there is another threesome with Lina Romay and Monica Swinn. After another six minutes Lina Romay is lying in bed and a man undresses her. In the last scene of the film Lina Romay is on the same bed as in the opening credits and is masturbating.

Nude scenes