Midnight Tease nude scenes

Midnight Tease

Directed By: Scott P. Levy


The first dancer of the Fugazzi strip club dreams every night of the murder of other dancers. It would only be disturbing if the dancers weren’t really killed. The dancer is convinced that she is the murderer herself, but her psychiatrist reassures her that she absolutely cannot be. So all that remains is to convince the police too…
Lisa Boyle (credited as Cassandra Leigh) gives us several intriguing sequences, but the whole film is full of interesting scenes. The story takes place in a strip club and this means only one thing: striptease! In addition to Lisa Boyle,Ashlie Rhey, Nicole Gray, Rachel Reed and Stephanie Champlin also get naked. Costumes, black stockings, provocative ballets, big tits and showers. In short, it is impossible to remain dissatisfied by the percentage of bare skin that Midnight Tease offers us.

Nude scenes