Mizzzzica… ma che è proibitissimo?

Directed By: Salvatore Bugnatelli


Director Salvatore Bugnatelli tells us how to make a porn film in the 1980s. The plot seems to originate from the need to recover old footage shot by the director in 1977 for a film that never came to light (titled Le avventure del ragionier Galletti alla ricerca della donna ideale). New footage was added to this existing stuff, and 1983 saw the release of this Mizzzzica… ma che è proibitissimo? A very rare film, difficult to describe: basically, it’s comedy sketches one after another. It’s also the last film with actress Femi Benussi, but her scenes are among those made in 1977.
Luciana Frazzetto works in the editing room. She’s wearing only a long white T-shirt and sexy striped stockings. Her colleague squints every time she climbs the stairs, uncovering her ass. Later in the film, Luciana Frazzetto delights us with a striptease. Femi Benussi arrives at the end of the film. She doesn’t strip, but she turns us on.

Nude scenes