Directed By: Marco Vicario


We are at the beginning of the twentieth century. Luigi is a rich merchant, but also an anarchist. His wife Antonia (Laura Antonelli) suffers from hysterical disorders and lives in bed. One day Luigi thinks he’s wanted for a murder he didn’t commit and hides in a barn.
Without her husband, Antonia is forced to get out of bed to take care of family affairs. Day by day, the woman is reborn. Without her husband’s oppression and betrayals, Antonia discovers the taste of freedom.
While her husband spies on her from the barn, Antonia has sex with other men and has more fun.
Laura Antonelli barely strips in this movie, yet she turns us on with some very hot scenes. Laura touches herself between her thighs, gets masturbated by a man, and has sex. In addition to her, the film features Annie Belle and Olga Karlatos, also in a threesome with a man.

Nude scenes