Directed By: Arduino Sacco


Ash is a young heir. One day, in the studio of painter Viviana (Sandra Sesal), he meets model Diva (Laura Prati) and falls in love with her. Diva reciprocates the feeling, but Viviana is very jealous…
Morbida is a 1983 Italian hardcore made by Arduino Sacco. The film begins with a beautiful lesbian sequence between the two main protagonists, Laura Prati and Sandra Sesal. Five minutes later, Laura Prati has sex with the film’s male lead, beginning with a footjob. In the long scene that follows, Sandra Sesal has sex with three men.
Later, Laura Prati has sex with the main character in a basement. First, she masturbates with a vibrator stuck in a carboy (!), then she moves on to blowjob and penetration.
In the last scene of the film, Laura Prati and Sandra Sesal are together again. They both have sex with the protagonist.

Nude scenes