Mrs. Fletcher

Directed By: Liesl Tommy


Mrs. Fletcher is a miniseries released by HBO in 2019. It’s the story of Eve Fletcher (Kathryn Hahn), a single mother left home alone after her son went to college. The woman tries to enjoy this life of solitude by having various new experiences.
Tania Khalill‘s swollen nipples mesmerize Kathryn Hahn in the second episode, and she dreams of a lesbian experience with her. A few minutes later, Gabrielle Hespe is engaged in a short doggie-style sex sequence. The best sequence of the episode comes at the end, when Kathryn Hahn takes off all her clothes and throws herself in the pool, giving us a fabulous full-frontal nude.
In the third episode, Kathryn Hahn lies down and masturbates by rubbing her pubis on a pillow while she watches a porn movie on her laptop. In the fifth episode, we find Kathryn Hahn again in front of her laptop. This time, she’s watching a BDSM movie. A woman spanks another woman and Kathryn tries to imitate her by spanking herself. Later, Kathryn Hahn has sex with a man, giving us another memorable sequence.
The last hot scene of this miniseries comes in the seventh episode and is a threesome involving Kathryn Hahn, Katie Kershaw, and a guy.

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