Transparent (Season 3)

Directed By: Joey Soloway


Maura Pfefferman’s family had to rebuild after her outing. And the third season of Transparent continues to tell us about the evolution of family members. If the first season had focused more on Maura, starting from the second season we are witnesses to what happens in the lives of wife and sons.
We wrote it about various television series: with the passing of the seasons, the nudes decrease. Transparent also follows this trend, and the nude scenes of the third season are far fewer than those of the first two seasons.
The first hot scene is in the second episode: Amy Landecker enjoys some BDSM spanking. Then, nothing until the fifth episode, when we enjoy a sexy Trace Lysette dance. The first boobs of the season come in the seventh episode, in a sex scene with Kathryn Hahn starring. At the beginning of the ninth episode, Kathryn Hahn undresses and dives into a swimming pool.

Nude scenes