Nosferatu a Venezia nude scenes

Nosferatu a Venezia

Directed By: Augusto Caminito


Troubled work and with several changes of direction due to misunderstandings and quarrels with Klaus Kinski, Nosferatu a Venezia (AKA Vampire in Venice) can be defined as a sequel to the cult film Nosferatu the Vampyre, also played by Kinski.
This film is certainly not a masterpiece; moreover, it was edited with only two-thirds of the material since the various quarrels between the troupe and the leading actor did not allow to shoot several sequences.
For almost an hour no one undresses, but in the last half hour of the film, we can enjoy a full-frontal nude by Barbara De Rossi, a short nude by Elvire Audray, and some interesting sequences with Anne Knecht. This beautiful actress also gives us full-frontal nudes, but unfortunately, Nosferatu a Venezia is her first and only film.

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