Nudo di donna

Directed By: Nino Manfredi


Sandro lives in Venice with his wife Laura (Eleonora Giorgi). The couple is experiencing a crisis. Sandro moves away from his family and is hosted by a photographer. At the photographer’s home, Sandro sees a photograph of a naked woman who is identical to his wife. Jealous, he begins to investigate and discovers that she’s a prostitute, Rirì (Eleonora Giorgi, again). The film becomes more complicated and Sandro – and we – cannot understand if Rirì is a double or if her wife skillfully leads two parallel lives.
Nudo di donna is a very interesting film. We can admire Eleonora Giorgi naked in two versions: redhead and blonde. The beautiful Eleonora is 28 years old, with a ceramic doll face and a fabulous body.

Nude scenes