Nymphomaniac: Vol. I nude scenes

Nymphomaniac: Vol. I

Directed By: Lars Von Trier


A middle-aged man finds a woman in an alley, bleeding and in pain. He rescues her and takes her home, where he offers her a hot drink and a bed to rest in. The woman, Joe, decides to tell her whole life to her savior. A life that was marked by her nymphomania.
This umpteenth masterpiece by Lars von Trier lasts almost six hours, in its uncut version. At the cinema, it was therefore proposed in two chapters and with various cuts.
In Nymphomaniac vol. 1 there are the first five chapters of the story. Stacy Martin plays the young Joe and she gives us several fabulous sequences, especially in the “Director’s Cut” version. Some penises are fake and the penetrations have body doubles, but overall Stacy Martin will be able to turn you on at the highest level.

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