Ob Dirndl oder Lederhose

Directed By: Wolfgang Bellenbaum


The long original title is Ob Dirndl oder Lederhose – gejodelt wird ganz wild drauflos. The events revolve around a Berlin hotel, which has problems with local pimps and is hosting a Bavarian brass band.
We see the first naked actresses after four minutes. Vera Schmidt and Monique Mondial both receive a phone call while in bed with their mates. Six minutes later, Renate Heuer is riding a man. In another room, Marianne Dupont is giving a happy handing massage to a hotel guest. The film is chock-full of nude actresses, and in every scene, someone takes off her clothes. After the massage, we find Vera Schmidt in the shower. After the shower, there is Monique Mondial having sex with a man…
Next: Vera Schmidt rides a man while talking on the phone; Uschi Stiegelmaier has sex with a Bavarian; Marianne Dupont continues with the art of massage; Monique Mondial has sex with a guy.
There are 23 minutes without nude actresses, then we get back to excitement thanks to a nice scene with Marianne Dupont. The last hot sequence is played by Uschi Stiegelmaier, who has sex in an elevator.

Nude scenes