Outlander (Season 4) nude scenes

Outlander (Season 4)

Directed By: Julian Holmes


Outlander is a television series that we have already talked about. It tells the story of a former military nurse who touches a Druidic stone and is projected into the past. In 1743, to be precise. The inspiration for this television series are the books written since the 90s by the writer Diana Gabaldon.
This is a very successful television series, much loved by the public and loved by us too because between fantasy and adventure Outlander also propose various intriguing sequences with nude and beautiful actresses; first of all, the protagonist Caitriona Balfe.
Now the bad news: the fourth season was less rich in nude sequences. There are some beautiful ones, but fewer than those of the first three seasons. The number of nude actresses is also lower: only two (sigh …).
Caitriona Balfe gives us two beautiful sex sequences and a very sexy bath scene. Then we have a new entry for this series: Sophie Skelton. She also offers us two sex sequences and they are both very beautiful. Sophie Skelton is a beautiful red-haired actress and will drive many of you crazy.

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