P.O. Box Tinto Brass

Directed By: Tinto Brass


The director Tinto Brass receives letters every day from women who confide him about their sexual adventures. From some of these adventures, Brass realizes the episodes of this film. Each episode is introduced by Tinto, together with his secretary, a super sexy busty woman played by Cinzia Roccaforte.
Milena (Laura Gualtieri) is fucking with her boyfriend on a beach. Not far away there is another couple having sex and Milena gets aroused by watching them. Elena (Erika Savastani) is a good wife, but secretly from her husband, she prostitutes herself in a brothel, where the blonde Sofia (Sara Cosmi) also works. Her husband finds out, but instead of getting angry, he becomes a client by pretending not to know her.
Elisabetta (Alessandra Antonelli) is reading a book sitting on the steps of a deserted amphitheater in Sutri. Across the theater, a Japanese tourist spies on her through the lens of the camera. Excited, the girl takes off her panties and puts on an exhibitionist show. Two couples of amateur video enthusiasts meet to make a movie together. Claudia Biagiotti and Gaia Zucchi delight us in a threesome with a man, while the fourth films.
Rossella (Gabriella Barbuti) receives an erotic phone call. He’s a man who got the wrong number, but she gets aroused and stays on the phone with him, masturbating.
Paolo introduces his wife Francesca (Carla Solaro) to the world of swingers. She’s initially hesitant, but she gets hooked very soon. Filippo loses everything in gambling, including his wife Ivana (Cristina Rinaldi). She refuses, but out of love, she decides to please him. And she likes it a lot!
Finally, a talent scout breaks into Tinto Brass’ office to introduce him to an aspiring actress (Emanuela Nay). The audition is very simple: the girl has to take off her skirt and panties and pick up a coin from the floor.

Nude scenes