P-Valley (Season 1)

Directed By: Karena Evans


P-Valley is the abbreviation for Pussy Valley, the world that revolves around a strip club in the Mississippi delta. In this interesting television series, we follow the stories of some strippers. Lovers of naked actresses will have many sequences to watch.
Elarica Johnson opens the dance and shows us the first intriguing sequence of the season, with pole dance and transparent lingerie. The second actress who shows us her boobs in the first episode is Brandee Evans. Gorgeous. Elarica and Brandee give us many other interesting sequences during the first episode.
The second episode kicks off with a nude scene featuring Brandee Evans and Shannon Thornton. Shortly thereafter, Elarica Johnson shows us her tits and makes us understand that this episode will also be full of nude sequences, especially when she will perform in a long lap dance. Elarica Johnson has a perfect body and two super exciting nipples!
In the third episode, there are a couple more exciting sequences with Elarica Johnson and a new nude actress arrives, Skyler Joy.
Brandee Evans is the nude actress of the fourth episode. Brandee is wearing a fishnet bra that clearly shows her nipples.
The fifth episode takes place almost completely in jail, so the nude scenes are few. Anyway, Skyler Joy and Shannon Thornton get naked at the beginning of the episode. No nudes in the sixth episode, then Elarica Johnson returns to delight us with a couple of stripteases in episode seven and episode 8, which is also the season finale.

Nude scenes