P-Valley (Season 2)

Directed By: Barbara Brown


The second season of P-Valley continues the events of the Pynk strip-tease club in Chucalissa, Mississippi. As the club faces new financial and personal challenges, the bonds between community members both strengthen and shatter. The series continues to explore themes of identity, sexuality and ambition, maintaining the raw and authentic style of the first season.
In the first episode Brandee Evans performs at the pole dance for a customer of a club that offers a combination of car wash and strip show. Towards the end of the second episode Shannon Thornton shows us her beautiful tits while having sex with a man, her on top of him. At the beginning of the third episode Gail Bean performs on a pole hanging from the ceiling in a long sequence. A man sits in an armchair and watches her. At the end of the performance, he pulls out his cock and she kneels down to suck it. Twenty-three minutes later Brandee Evans performs a private show for a couple consisting of Shamika Cotton and a man. When Brandee sits astride the man, Shamika removes her dress to show off her big tits. A threesome begins, which is however interrupted by a phone call. Five minutes later Psalms Salazar and Gail Bean both perform at the pole. People shout and throw dollar notes. In the 31st minute of episode four Brandee Evans and Shamika Cotton are featured in an intriguing lesbian scene. Shamika sticks her head between Brandee’s legs to perform oral sex on her. At the thirty-first minute of episode five, Shannon Thornton is sitting in the back seat of a car with a man. She pulls down her dress and frees her tits, then sits on top of him for sex. Thirteen minutes later Shannon is standing in front of a man. The actress has blond hair and is wearing a sparkling dress. The man pulls down her dress to expose her breasts, then throws her on the bed. The sixth episode begins with Miracle Watts naked, lying on a bed, while a man licks her between the legs. Immediately afterwards the two have sex. Twenty-seven minutes later we witness a threesome starring Brandee Evans, Shamika Cotton and a man. Fifteen minutes later Elarica Johnson takes off her clothes in front of a man and walks on all fours towards him, wearing sexy lingerie. When she reaches him, she takes off her lingerie and shows us a statuesque body, then condemns the man on a bed and has sex with him.

Nude scenes