Pam & Tommy

Directed By: Craig Gillespie


Pam & Tommy is a television series produced by Hulu, which tells one of the most famous events of the dawn of the internet. The honeymoon sexual performances between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, recorded on VHS by Tommy and stolen by electrician Rand Gauthier. The video went online and went viral.
Lily James plays Pamela and she does it in a masterly way. Unfortunately, Lily’s boobs are perfect but small, so she shows up in front of the camera with prostatic breasts that are identical to Pamela Anderson‘s.
The first three episodes of the series tell us the love story of Pamela and Tommy, their marriage, and the subsequent scandal.
In the first episode, we meet Rand Gauthier and no one undresses. The second episode starts with the boobs, with Pam and Tommy making love on their boat, then in the bathtub, then in the bed…
There are nude scenes in the third episode as well. Also, we can admire Lily James in the iconic red Baywatch swimsuit.
Lily James doesn’t strip in the fourth episode, but we can admire some porn stars doing their job (Nikki Benz, McKenzie Lee, Crystal Rush). No nudes in the fifth episode, but we can admire a sexy scene with Lily James.
In episode six, Lily James plays Pamela Anderson as she poses for her first shoot for Playboy magazine. Sexy lingerie and stockings. In the seventh episode, there is an interesting scene starring Kasia Szarek and Nadine Emrich. The series ends with the eighth episode, in which there are no hot sequences.

Nude scenes