The Exception

Directed By: David Leveaux


A German soldier is investigating whether the Dutch resistance planted a spy in the Kaiser’s house in Holland at the beginning of World War II. During his investigation, the man falls in love with a young Dutch Jewish woman (Lily James).
The film is an excellent opportunity to admire Lily James naked if you are a fan of her delicate beauty. In the film’s first hot scene, Lily takes off her dress and stands topless in front of the main character. He admires her, then bends her doggy-style over a table and penetrates her. There is an Open Matte version of the film that allows us to see much more bare skin in this and two other sequences that follow.
Later, Lily James gets out of bed completely naked. As she walks around the bed to go get dressed, we have time to admire her pussy as well as the rest of her body. In another scene, Lily gets on top of her man for sex, lifting her robe and revealing garter belts and black stockings. In the last hot scene, Lily James is naked in bed, covered only by the sheet. She is chatting with her man, and when the two kiss, her breasts escape the sheet’s grip.
There is another nude actress in the film: Stéphanie Van Vyve. The actress is naked in the background while a man and a woman are talking to each other.

Nude scenes