Pledge Night

Directed By: Paul Ziller


During an act of hazing in a college fraternity, a guy died in a tank filled with acid. Twenty years later, as the freshmen are experiencing “hell week,” a week of grueling pledge rehearsals, the guy makes his return for revenge.
In the 16th minute, Ronna Larsen performs topless in a bar. A minute later Cassandra Delaney is sitting on a couch in a semi-open shirt, a short skirt, and a pair of black pantyhose. Two guys sit next to her, unbutton her shirt and remove her bra, then kiss her on the neck. Twenty-eight minutes later Suzanne Dean is naked in the bathtub. A guy approaches her and throws a radio into the water. You can imagine how it ends. In the next scene, the guy unzips Cecelia Wilde‘s sweatshirt and frees her breasts. Twenty-seven minutes later Shannon McMahon is lying on a couch and a guy unbuttons her shirt. We look at her breasts for a few seconds. More boobs we see a minute later and they are those of Karyn Lee, lying on the bed with a guy.

Nude scenes