The Idol (Season 1)

Directed By: Sam Levinson


The Idol is a series from the same creator of the award-winning Euphoria. Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp) is a pop star recovering from a major nervous breakdown that forced her to cancel her last tour. She meets a self-help guru named Tedros, who helps her get back on track and begins a toxic relationship with him.
In the first episode, just after the opening credits, Lily-Rose Depp is lying in bed topless and in a thong while a girl opens the window curtains to wake her up. A minute later there is a sexy photo shoot. The actress is kneeling on a coffee table and wearing a red robe open in front. Nine minutes later Lily-Rose Depp is practicing with a group of dancers. She wears a skimpy black bra from which nipples emerge. In the evening, Lily returns excitedly from the disco wearing a see-through dress. She lies down on the couch and masturbates. At the end of the episode, a guy slides an ice cube onto Lily’s thighs, then she gets up and takes off her dress.
In the second episode, Lily-Rose Depp places a glass full of ice between her thighs. She rubs it on herself as she recalls the night of sex the day before. There are flashbacks and we see her turgid nipples. Twenty-seven minutes later, Suzanna Son removes all her clothes to dive into the pool, then plays the piano, still naked. In a bedroom, Lily has sex with a guy.
The third episode starts out great, with Lily-Rose Depp naked in bed. Nine minutes later, the girl is having sex leaning against the wall of a dressing room in a clothing store. Seven minutes later, Lily is lying on her back and a guy is performing oral sex on her. At the end of the episode, we find Lily-Rose Depp naked in the bathtub, in a guy’s arms.
At the beginning of the fourth episode she is lying in bed naked and watching her partner on the balcony, then the scene changes and the two are in the bathtub; he’s shaving her legs. Thirty-eight minutes later we find Lily in bed again, but this time she’s wearing transparent black lingerie. Later the actress wears a transparent T-shirt during a pool party, then chats totally naked with a guy on the balcony and finally has sex with him. In the fifth and final episode, Lily-Rose Depp delights us with a breathtaking ballet, wearing a stage costume that leaves her ass exposed and her nipples popping out on a couple of occasions.

Nude scenes