Private Parts

Directed By: Betty Thomas


Howard Stern is one of the most famous radio speakers in the world. His transmissions are provocative and often speak of sex and taboos of the American people.
Private Parts, directed by Betty Thomas in 1997, tells the story of Stern and is played by Stern, who plays himself. In the film, many sequences with nude actresses. Jenna Jameson plays a girl who is completely naked during a Howard show. A full-frontal nude, with the legendary Jameson’s tits in the foreground. Other huge boobs are those of Theresa Lynn, who has an orgasm sitting on a stereo speaker while Stern blows into the microphone during his broadcast. And then there are Camille Grammer, Carol Alt, Carrie Flaska, Irene DeCook, Mary McCormack and Melanie Good.

Nude scenes