House of Lies (Season 4)

Directed By: Matthew Carnahan


Season four of House of Lies. Marty Kaan and his team face new challenges in the business world as they try to redeem their past mistakes. Betrayals, rivalries and shocking revelations: ingredients we have also seen in the first, second and third seasons.
In the 11th minute of the first episode Kristen Bell takes off her clothes and remains in lingerie, lying on the bed, eager to fuck a man. He does not want to, and asks her to leave the room. At the beginning of the third episode Mary McCormack sleeps naked and lying on her stomach, next to a man. At the same moment, Kristen Bell wakes up wearing a very low-cut dressing gown. She puts her hand between her legs and starts playing with herself, then gets out of bed. She is pregnant. At the end of the episode Jenny Slate is walking naked in the yard of a house. She is framed from behind as she looks into the house through a window. Her ass is soft and round. At the end of the fourth episode Dawn Olivieri is leaning against the back of an armchair and having doggy-style sex with a man. During the opening credits of episode five, Alicia Witt pulls out a boob during a party, then talks to some people. At the beginning of episode eight Mary McCormack is kneeling in front of a man and undoing his trousers. The actress has her shirt open over a low-cut bra and is smoking a joint. In the fourteenth minute of episode ten Valorie Curry is wearing sexy lingerie making out with a guy.

Nude scenes