Raw Justice

Directed By: David A. Prior


If you’re a woman in a thriller movie and you go to take a shower in the first few minutes, there’s a good chance it’s going to end badly. And in fact, Raw Justice begins just like that: April Bogenschutz goes to take a shower and ends up murdered by a killer. Before the grim epilogue, the actress gives us a breathtaking full-frontal nude.
The story is simple: the mayor’s daughter (April Bogenschutz, precisely) has a date with a shy guy. The evening sucks, the girl goes home, takes a shower, and is murdered. Of course, all suspicion falls on the shy boy.
The film also features another actress, the busty Pamela Anderson, who gives us a couple of fabulous scenes. In the first, the actress has sex outdoors, leaning against a wall. In the second, Pamela has sex in the canonical bed.

Nude scenes