Red Shoe Diaries (Season 3)

Directed By: Daniel Ducovny


Jake’s girlfriend committed suicide. She was cheating on him, but she couldn’t confess his double life. To understand the mind of his lost love, Jake placed an ad in a newspaper: he asks women to send him their stories of cheating.
Jake’s story was told in a movie. The letters sent to Jake became episodes of a television series, then of a second season, and now of a third.
The first nudes arrive in the second episode. Caron Bernstein strips a lot, and she also takes part in a sex session with the blonde Janine Stillo. In the third episode, a pastry chef turns women into cakes, and we assure you that Jennifer MacDonald becomes a delicious cake. In the fourth episode, after a few minutes, we can admire Arielle Dombasle‘s intent on having sex.
In the fifth episode, Sofia Shinas is dancing with a man on a luxury train. While she dances, she imagines making love to him. In the sixth episode, Robbi Chong lays down on the bed and touches himself between his legs, dreaming of making love with a charming man. The actress also gives us a quick full-frontal nude. Géraldine Cotte undresses in the seventh episode and excites us by performing in a peep show.
Lisa Boyle and other girls dance topless in episode eight, in a riot of fake tits. In the ninth episode, we enjoy a sex scene with Rachel Palmieri. In the tenth, Demetra Hampton relates her erotic experiences to her psychiatrist (Denise Crosby). The stories are very exciting and even the psychiatrist gets excited: we can admire Denise Crosby in transparent lingerie and black pantyhose. In the eleventh episode, first Christina Fulton and then Bobbie Phillips undress. Heidi Mark gives us an instant erection sex scene in the twelfth episode.
The third season ends with the nudes of Perrey Reeves, Laurel Wiley, and Anne-Marie Leeka.

Nude scenes