Directed By: Anna Negri


Two filmmakers decide to make a documentary about precariousness in show business, following an actor and his family. While being filmed, the family members go into crisis, and the documentary ends up showing the couple’s disintegration.
In the 16th minute of the film, Alba Rohrwacher enters the kitchen wearing only a transparent white tank top and a pair of panties. The girl remembers she’s being framed by the documentary filmmakers and pulls the undershirt down to cover her panties. Twenty minutes later, the protagonist kisses Valentina Lodovini with abandon. The two climb the stairs to reach the bedroom and have sex, but the passion is too much and they stop on the steps. He lowers her dress and uncovers the fabulous breasts of the actress. Fifteen minutes later, a cameraman frames Alba Rohrwacher having sex in bed with a man. Eleven minutes later, the actress is sitting in bed and wearing her white transparent tank top. Eight minutes later, Marina Rocco flashes her boobs to the camera, in one of her rare nudes. Ten minutes before the film ends there is one last sex scene between the two leads. Also, we can watch Giulia Weber naked on an emergency room bed.

Nude scenes