Rome (Season 1)

Directed By: Michael Apted, Mikael Salomon


As it is easy to guess, the television series Rome speaks of Rome. Ancient Rome, the last days of the Republic in the first century BC.
A very expensive production with great attention to detail. The protagonists are people who actually existed and in the first season we witness the last years of Gaius Julius Caesar’s life, until his death, killed by Gaius and Brutus.
And we also see many nude celebrities, which is the thing we prefer. Polly Walker immediately became our favorite: full frontal nudes and a high erotic charge. Then there is Indira Varma, known by many as the Ellaria Sand of Game of Thrones. And again Francesca Berrettini, Francesca Fowler, Kerry Condon, Lindsay Duncan and Lyndsey Marshal. A feast of nude actresses!

Nude scenes