Sapore di Donna

Directed By: Mario Gariazzo


Sapore di donna is a soft erotic film made by director Mario Gariazzo. Perry is a medical student who after a love disappointment flies to Caracas. In Venezuela, he falls in love with a girl and her stepmother. A Sketchy plot, but fabulous nude actresses.
After a night at the disco, Carmen (Filomena Campagna) returns home with her boyfriend Perry. The two have sex in an elevator. Five minutes later the couple is watching porn on television. Obviously, the two get turned on and take action. Three minutes later there is another sex scene. This time we can admire Filomena Campagna naked in the car.
After an argument with his girlfriend that ends in a slap fight, Perry is sent to Venezuela by his parents. He is hosted by his mother’s friend (Valentine Demy) and stepdaughter (Debora Calì). Since the guy is studying medicine, Debora Calì allows him to practice by having his naked body examined. Debora Calì‘s body is buttery and inviting, and Perry dreams about it during his studies. He dreams of making love to her, and we see the dream materialized on the screen.
A few minutes later, Debora Calì is engaged in a sexy photo shoot. Meanwhile, Perry continues to have erotic dreams and imagines himself photographing her and fucking her.
In the house is another bombshell: Valentine Demy. Halfway through the film, we find her in front of the mirror, intent on admiring her breasts. As she observes her perfect body, the woman becomes aroused, sits down, and masturbates. The woman is turned on by Perry, and she does everything she can to seduce him: she walks around the house naked, she makes winking smiles, and she thrills him with a topless on the beach. Valentine Demy naked is a great temptation, and Perry gives in very soon. The two have sex in the bathroom, with her sitting on the sink. It’s a lucky time for Perry, and a couple of days later he also has sex with Debora Calì.
The film ends, but after the word END, there is an interesting post-credit with Valentine Demy.

Nude scenes