Il bello delle donne (Season 3)

Directed By: Maurizio Ponzi


The third and final season of this TV series tells the stories of several women revolving around a women’s beauty center. The actresses are the same as in the first and second seasons, with a few newcomers.
In the first half of the season, we can admire several nude actresses, then unfortunately the number of hot sequences drops. However, this third season is the one with the hottest content of the three.
In the second episode, we see Eva Grimaldi in bed, in a sex scene. This is a flashback to the second season. In the third episode, Loredana Cannata undresses, and shortly after we find Giuliana De Sio making love in the shower. Forty minutes later the actress repeats the act, this time in bed.
At the end of episode four, Eva Grimaldi, Loredana Cannata, and Valentine Demy perform an intriguing pole dance. In episode five, Loredana Cannata dances wearing a very sensual see-through dress. Forty minutes later, Eva Grimaldi poses for a breathtaking photo shoot. In the ninth episode, Giuliana De Sio is in bed naked, although the director does his best to hide her boobs. A sexy scene with Antonella Ponziani closes the season.

Nude scenes