Sballato, gasato, completamente fuso

Directed By: Steno


Patrizia (Edwige Fenech) is a journalist for a well-known Roman newspaper. Patrizia would like to make a career, but she is relegated to a small column of little importance. One day she makes a bet with the editor: if she writes an article worthy of the front page, he will promote her, otherwise, she will have sex with him for a night. The director assigns her an investigation into the erotic fantasies of Italians.
How beautiful Edwige Fenech is naked, in HD, in this Sballato, gasato, completamente fuso.
We can admire Edwige Fenech dressed as a nun, while she does a striptease. We can get aroused by watching her in red lingerie or lying naked on her bed. What a fabulous woman.

Nude scenes