Schoolgirl Report Part 12

Directed By: Walter Boos


This is the twelfth installment in a very long series of German mock documentaries on the sexual habits of schoolgirls. The long original title is Schulmädchen-Report 12. Teil – Wenn das die Mammi wüßte. The US title is Schoolgirl Report Volume 12: If Mom Only Knew, but it is also known as Carnal Campus.
In this new chapter, we find ourselves in the editorial office of a school newspaper, where we read letters sent in by students. Each story is equivalent to an episode of the film.
Roswitha Krey is the first nude actress in the film. We see her standing in the bathtub, completely naked. Later, the girl has sex in front of the fireplace. In the following episode, Gudrun Grau has sex in a barn with her boyfriend.
Next episode: a mother takes her daughter (Johanna Ebertseder) to the doctor. The man is actually a plumber pretending to be a doctor, so the visit is rather sloppy. The following episode tells the story of Edda (Ginny Noack), a good student with a problem: she’s a nymphomaniac.
The last story of the film introduces us to Sylvia Engelmann, who spies on her new tenant and masturbates. She tells her friend Betty (Margitta Hofer) about him, but she soon regrets it because Betty takes the tenant to a nudist club. However, it ends well for Sylvia Engelmann, who has sex with her tenant in the last hot scene of the film.

Nude scenes